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Feasibility Study

Sun Pacific Holding Corp.

Medrecyceler Medical Waste to Energy Facility

Providence Rhode Island


Sun Pacific Power has become a diversified publicly traded holding company, “Sun Pacific Holding Corp” (OTCQB:SNPW) to encompass all of its subsidiaries Sun Pacific Power Corp, Street Smart Outdoor Corp, Bella Electrical LLC, National Mechanical Corp, Sun Pacific Security Corp. From the beginning we have continued to build upon our management`s knowledge and experience.  We have focused on our primary mission which is serving our customers and now serving our shareholders. We do that by providing quality service and equipment, working to keep customers satisfied, and by doing our part in protecting the environment with smart green technology.


The Company will be collecting biomedical and pharmaceutical waste

(including prescription drugs and confiscated illegal drugs) as its core raw materials through third party providers, and will use it generate energy which is then supplied into the local electrical grid. The Company intends to generate revenue through tipping fees. Letters of Intent have been signed with two suppliers United Medical Waste Management (40 tons per day) and Daniel’s (35 tons per day) for raw materials.


Sun Pacific Holding Corp. website

Link to Press Release



Feasibility Study

And Business Plan

Utah Solar Farm


Client: Energy Access, LLC


A large fixed tilt photovoltaic plant that is planned to generate1 GWh per year on 32 acres for the solar panels. This planned solar power plant was intended to sell electricty into the local grid to provide all of the electricity for 1,000 homes.


The planned project was in process of obtaining grants and financing.  It is planned as the largest solar farm in Utah and at the time of this feasibility study was in planning phases.


The scope of this feasibility study was to include a variable cost and financial analysis related to the best size for the facility based on greatest returns for investment concerning three size options.  The 32-acre option was the best outcome in the solar facility feasibility study.




Feasibility Study



Carlson Energy, LLC and their client StorageRink, LLC

USDA REAP Grant Feasibility Study Roofrop Solar Install


The client was seeking a grant through the USDA for a 413.64kW roof top solar install at their bulding located in  New Richmond, Wisconsin.


The feasibility study was requested with a 15-day turn around time by the staff of Wert-Berater, Inc. due to grant application deadline.  Wert-Berater, Inc. accepted the assaignment and performed the solar installation feasibility 7-days ahead of schedule allowing sufficient time for report review and the grant writer  enough time to complete the application.


Wert-Berater, Inc. provides feasibility studies for USDA REAP grant programs on a national basis and has completed over 100 similar studies for roof top solar installations since 1998.


To learn more about Carlson Electricty, click on their logo below to land on their website.





Feasibility Study


Wind Turbine Projects

Yuma Arizona and St. Francis, Kansas


Heritage Dairy Wind Turbine Project

The installation of  three 35.7 meter tall model NPS 100.24 three blade 100kW Wind Turbine.  Total project cost $981,485


St. Francis Feedyard Wind Turbine Project

The installation of a single 100kW wind turbine generatore with a hub height of 121 feet. Total project cost $494,691.



Client: Hoss Consulting, Inc.


These two wind turbine generators were to be located at two seperate locations.  The client was making an application to the USDA for grant and loan funding.  The feasibility studies were to comply with USDA guidelines for a feasibility study which included Economic, Market, Technical, Financial and Management Feasibility analysis.


For financial feasibility the locational marginal price range was applied.   To develop a pro forma, the Levlized Cost of Electricty (LCOE) was also applied.



Feasibility Study


Biofuels Feasibility Study


Greater Commercial Lending of Oakland, California engaged Wert-Berater, Inc. to provide a biofuels feasibility study  for USDA B & I loan gaurantee underwriting.   The company was in process of acquiring 2.36 acres that was improved with tanks and systems to be renovated and coverted.


The company was planning to import Singapore raw materials to be made into variuos biofuel products for distribution in Hawaiis.


The project is located at Kalanianaole Avenue in Hawaii County, Hawaii 96720.


In accordance with USDA Guide 5 RD Instruction 4279-B, the feasibility study included a comprehensive analysis of Economic, Market, Technical, Financial and Management Feasibility tests.


The project cost was $17.1 million.