Indoor Sports Project Feasibility Studies

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The Indoor Sports Industry has Increased Opportunities for Investors in Recent Years!


Examples of Recent Projects Below

Feasibility Study

Wheat, Corn and Forage Farm




Client: ESAB for Agricultural Land Reclamation

Giza, Egypt


This feasibiltiy study was for the planned farm project that was for the growting of 10,000 Feddan, 30,000 Feddan and 60,000 Feddan plots in Egypt wheres the plan was for winter and summer crops to grow wheat, corn and forage.


The $96.2 million  ($927 per acre) project was in planning phases seeking governmental approvals and financial assistance.


This feasibility study included Econoimic, Market, Technical, Financial and Management Feasibility sections.



Feasibility Study

Indoor Agriculture and Hydroponic Facility

Doha, Qatar


Client: Griffin Ventures, LLC


This feasibility study was an explorative report whereas the client requested Wert-Berater, Inc. to provide an assessment of the Doha, Qatar market for vegitables both imported and locally grown to determine market capacity related to potential unmet demand or for increased food security to offset imports.


This feasibility study provided the client with details related to demand levels as well as affordability, competitive growing operations, and distribution channels.


Based on the evaluation, recomendations related to potential facility sizes and cost of the facilites that could be absorbed into the Doha market area.



Feasibility Study

Hydroponics Facility

Morovis, Puerto Rico



Client: North Avenue Capital


The acquisition of EquipCo, LLC, a 175,000 square feet hydroponics facility to be located at PR-155, Morovis 00687, Puerto Rico. The subject project will produce food for distribution throughout Puerto Rico.


The hydroponic facility as planned will grow tomatoes, herbs, peppers, lettuce, microgreens and wheat grass.


This feasibility study was for USDA loan gaurantee underwriting whereas it includced Economic, Market, Technical, Financial and Management Feasibility evaluations.




Feasibility Study

Cannabis Grow House Expansion

Gainsville, Florida



We Would Agricultural Holdings LP

Cannabis Grow House Expansion

Gainsville, Florida



The planned expansion  of a Cannabis Grow House to be located at 7315 North West 126th Street, Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida postal code 32653.


The Company is planning to build a 72,000 square feet cultivation facility for its sole tenant San Felasco Nurseries (‘’Tenant’’).


A 72,000 square foot facility will have 6 buildings (12,000 square feet each). The Company has signed a lease agreement whereas the Tenant to use property.