Special Purpose Project Feasibility Studies

Special Purpose Projects are Rare and Eclectic


Special Attention to Special Purpose Projects!



Examples of Recent Projects Below

Feasibility Study





FeasibilitystudyfortheproposedMaintenance,Repair,andOverhaul(MRO)AircraftFacility and Aviation MRO Training Center to be located in Brownsville,Camern County,Texas


This $65 million project was of new construction to be reviewed by the

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)  related the EB-5 VISA program.


This MRO feasibility study was developed including Ecnomic, Market, Cost, Technical, Financial and Management Feasibility tests.


Due to the nature of the project whereas comparable data is scarace, Monte Carlo Simulations were applied to the financial analysis section of this study as part of the sensitivity analysis.





Feasibility Study


Appalachian Wildlife Center


Client: Eastern Kentucks PRIDE, Inc.


This wildlife center feasibility study was based on the plan for the Appalachian Wildlife Center development & new construction project which was planned to be a mixture of reclaimed mining lands and forest.


The site for the subject project is a 19 square mile area (12,000 acres).


The Company is planning to build a Visitor Center (80,000± Square Feet), Regional Museum (980± Square Feet), Birders Hall (980± Square Feet), Wildlife and Natural History Museum (5,200± Square Feet), Artisan Market (1,200± Square Feet), Gift Shop (2,200± Square Feet), Classrooms (720± Square Feet), Raptor Refuge (6,000± Square Feet), 15 RV parking spaces and 593 car parking spaces for potential visitors.


The purpose of the subject project is to meet the demand for wildlife viewing and education.


This feasibility was intended to be underwritten by the USDA for a loan gaurantee thus it included Economic, Market, Technical, Financial and Management Feasibility sections.

Feasibility Study



San Vincente Spirit Company


This feasibility study was for the planned rum production facilities located in

Palawan, Philippines whereas the company was seeking to import rum products in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy  and Spain arkets.


This craft rum production company was interested in understanding each market area related to competitors and rum consuptipon trends.  The feasibility study included a complete and in-depth analysis of both markets .


In addition to market research, this study also included import logistics and regulations.


Competiors, pricing, import costs were included in the feasibility study including competitors production and sales volumes as well as market penetration.


A complete list of international distributors and their volumes was also part of this study.


For this feasibility study, Economic, Market and Financial Feasibility tests were completed.





Feasibility Study


Luxury Car Rental Feasibility Study


The planned expansion of Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car (“BHRAC”)


BHRAC has been in business since 1992 where it began operations in Santa Monica California at Santa Monica and Wilshire Boulevards in Beverly Hills California.


The company was seeking to expand into  Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York City, Palm Springs, Hamptons, San Diego, Seattle and Denver- Aspen-Vail whereby this feasibility study required research into competitors and potential demand for each of the planned thriteen new markets.


The company's essential reasoning for their planned expansion included 1. Increasing wealth among the clients it serves over the most recent five year period, and  2. Improving economic conditions in  the United States.


This feasibility study was for review by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)  related the EB-5 VISA program.