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Private School
Feasibility Study

Wert-Berater, Inc. specializes in providing expert and reliable feasibility studies for Educational projects.


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Our team of experienced professionals evaluates all aspects of the project to ensure its success – from project inception to construction and operations planning.


Choose us to help you make informed decisions for your Educational project.

Book a meeting to interview us, ask questions and view samples of our work.

Because of client project confidentiality, unfortunately we do not email samples to customers  - Client Confidentiality is Sacred.

Private School
Feasibility Study

At Wert-Berater, Inc., we are experts in Private School feasibility studies, providing essential information to those seeking Community Development or other commercial loans.


Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering accurate and comprehensive evaluations of Private School properties, including market analysis, financial projections, and site assessments.


With our expertise and attention to detail, we help clients make informed decisions about their investments and develop successful business plans.

Whether your project is an expansion or new build Hospital, we have the experience to provide a comprehensive Private School feasibility study that assist your decision making process and potential loan underwriting in compliance with the USDA Community Facilities Direct Loan programs or other commercial loan requirements.

See our Experience Page for recent Private School Feasibility Studies completed around the nation and international locations having provided Private School Feasibility Studies in South America and Africa over the years.


How do we do it?

Private School Feasibility Studies are carried out by a careful evaluation as presented in the following Private School Feasibility Study Statement of Work which complies with USDA Community Facilities Direct Loan Program underwriting requirements.

We subscribe to reliable sources of data that are accepted by loan underwriters.

Will my Private School feasibility study be accepted by my lender?

We are approved by a vast network of  USDA lenders,  and Commercial Banks.  Prior to ordering your Private School feasibility study, if your lender in not on our list, we are pleased to provide our feasibility study consultant credentials including E&O Insurance, Sample Private School Feasibility Studies, references, and our resumes.

How much does a Private School Feasibility Study cost?

Depending on the complexity of the project and the time needed to have a completed Private School feasibility study ready, the cost varies from about $7,500 to $20,000.

How much time is needed for us to complete and deliver your Private School feasibility study?

This depends on our workload when you order your Hospital feasibility study.  

RUSH orders cost extra, but can be completed in as little as 15-business days, providing you have the necessary items provided to us at engagement.

Generally, Private School feasibility studies are completed in about 20 to 30 business days.  

Educational Facility Feasibility Study Consultants

What items do I need to provide to have a Private School Feasibility Study completed? 

Our Private School feasibility studies are comprehensive and intended for loan underwriting purposes.  

We normally request the following items when you engage us for a Private School feasibility study:

  • Parcel number(s)

  • Land cost

  • Site plan

  • Building renderings and dimensions  (SF areas and allocations), educational type offerings mixtures 

  • Levels to be provides (K-12)

  • Project cost breakdown

  • Land cost and when purchased or is it under contract

  • Resumes for all owners with 20% or more interest

  • Loan terms applied for including Loan Type such as  loan amount(s), interest rate and amortization

  • Copy of your business plan including your projections

  • Any appraisals

  • Any environmental reports (if a purchase, continuance or reposition project, all Phase I or Phase II Environmental assessments

  • If your lender has provided a Term Sheet, we would like to have a copy

  • Other items you deem important

  • Lender contact details

Educational Facility Financial Feasibility Study Statement of Work


USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

Financial Feasibility Study Guidelines

Community Programs RD Instruction 1942 A, Guide 5

Statement of Work Summary


This feasibility studies will indicate the following items: 


A. Need for the Facility


B  Existing facilities Explain current capacities, rates or usage, activities, suitability for continued use, deficiencies in services, staff, physical conditions, and any other pertinent information.


C. Proposed Facility

    1. Description of construction and renovation by component including        capacity of each component part and physical limiting factors

   2. Explain and document the need for the facility Include comments regarding the following

           a. Service area

           b. Population trends

           c. Similar facilities in the service area

           d. Usage trends

           e. Community support

           f. Regulatory agency approval.

           g. Economy in the service area

           h. Analysis of staff and consultants


D. Financial Information

   1. Explain all assumptions underlying the expected demand, use, and  projections of financial data such as:

           a. Change in usage

           b. All income and expenses

           c. Rate structure

           d. Allowance for uncollectible accounts

           e. Depreciation life and method

           f. Description of long-term debts


2. Financial Statements

 The following financial statements must be prepared reflecting five-year projections

  1. Balance sheets for all funds

  2. Statement of income and expenses

  3. Statement of cash flows (cash receipts and disbursements)

  4. Comparison data for facilities in service area

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